Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

It took me a long time to configure a webpage with Paypal buttons. I am working on putting my free report for my subscribers still. It is a mix of paralysis by analysis and some uneasiness about trying something new. Also, my reputation is on the line. I don't want to sell junk or give away garbage. Aside from the fact that it will make me look silly and not trustworthy no one will do business with me. My site is ready for taking orders. I would still like to adjust it to have a more aesthetically pleasing structure but it is capable of collecting payment.

It is not that big a deal to put up a post on facebook to advertise for sales but I don't want to fail publicly. I want to thrive while providing a beneficial service. Now, back to my own product I need to document what I do as far as marketing and how I treat my customers. I saw another beginner marketing his services. I knew he was new because his testimonials said, "coming soon...", and he gave me a great idea. The idea is to give a discount for testimonials, bigger if it is a video testimonial.

I could give a large discount but that will cost me more money with no safety net. I can give a dollar or two per order and still make a small profit or break even. If I it costs me money for a couple of testimonials and they generate sales then I will be happy, but if I spend and it doesn't generate anything for me I just lose.

I can't afford to lose. I am going to start posting ads in facebook groups. I will advertise a service just like the marketer who I am going to buy from does. I will mention their stats. I will ask them whatever questions I get and I will do my best to provide a beneficial service to my customers' businesses. Should be pretty easy...

Friday, October 3, 2014

What Should I Offer My Subscriber List To Opt-in?

I recently purchased a video training course for $14.87. It was mostly about how you can make money selling solo ads. It goes in depth about how to build websites and set up autoresponders. The goal is to have a constant flow of fresh leads being added to your list to keep the ads in front of new and responsive customers. So you need to be building your own list while helping others build theirs too. The course was good for the price but it leaves a little too much up to me to figure out. I have decided that I am going to document my path to making money by selling and buying Solo Ads.

First thing I am going to do is develop a business plan in detail and offer this as a free gift for signing up to my list. I want a list that will be able to trust me so I need to work with other trustworthy marketers. Since I have spent so much money on so many programs that I couldn't stick with long enough to to make them work I am going to expend minimal cash to get this business going. That means a marketing budget of zero. So, in order to pay for my own Solo Ads I must first sell enough for others to be able to afford my own.

The program I invested in comes with a tracking spreadsheet that I will definitely need. I am pretty bad at keeping records. I don't know why but even as a student I hated to record results of experiments. I am fine with performing the experiment as long as some one else records the results. It is a habit I need to change if I am going to succeed. The angle I am going to begin working is the middle man. I am going to buy leads cheap and sell them for more. I feel odd doing this. I figure why doesn't the person I am selling to just go directly to the seller I'm buying from? Then I read that it is ok because it is the same as a large company like Target that puts their own brand on many different products, that they didn't create, and sell them for a profit.

My next internal objection or fear of getting started is the idea of having to answer questions during the whole exchange process and not being able to as a newbie. Then I realized that I am also going to be a customer and I can just relay the question to the seller. This business is almost running itself. Now is the technical stuff. This is the stuff that you can get through free youtube videos such as setting up a domain and website, getting an autoresponder and building a squeeze page.

The first order of business is to have a plan to follow. I want to sell ads so I need a webpage with a list of my offers and a means to collect payment. I already have a Paypal account so I'll use it for creating payment options. I am going to do some more searches on some of the current sellers and get ideas on how to market effectively. Some marketers seem to have a lot of ads in the same Facebook groups, one right after the other. I think I will try and spread my ads out through many groups as my first marketing campaign.

Once I have orders coming in I need to be able to track and splittest different tactics and see what will most benefit my bottom line. I need to learn how to use tracking codes on my offers. Most programs such as autoresponders and website tracking software have instructions on howto do it. I may stumble around abit in the beginning but I am going to get started right away.

I just realized another fear I have about not being able to respond to inquiries fast enough. Then I realized that modern technology has me covered with auto email alerts on my cell phone. The more I try and sabotage myself with worry and fear of failure the more I realize that this can work and I will find out first hand if it doesn't.

Once I earn enough to buy my own leads I am going to give them a copy of some of my blog posts, edited for actionable content, when they sign up to my list. I am going to refer to it as an email newsletter or something a little softer than customer list. I don't want to be on someones customer list but I am on many. A lot of them are also people I've bought product from in the past. So, I am their customer. I stay on their list in case they are sending out updates that rarely ever happen but I am really on there so they can market to me. I have some examples of emails that I have opened and read and felt compelled to action. They are good examples of what works in email marketing.

My log of what actions I take to be able to profit from selling Solo Ads is going to be my incentive to join my email newsletter. I am going to put up a sign up form on this page too. It will be good to read even if I don't make it to super stardom hood because then you'll at least know what not to do! For now I am going to go over and set up a page to sell Solo Ads. I am going to paypal to set up some payment buttons and then I am going to setup a page with the buttons on it. Since I have no testimonials I am going to leave them out or I may use something from the person I'm buying from. I don't really have much faith in using someone else's testimonials because I don't know how true they are. So I will leave them out until I have them for real.

I saw some marketers solicit testimonials by offering a discount. I will implement this technique in my marketing strategy. On my order page I will add a discount button for testimonials. That will be a good incentive to buy from me and it will help me build credibility quickly, and if the reviews are good I will gain some confidence as well. Now I am off to put my own suggestions to work!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is Selling Solo Ads The Answer?

So, I recently came across the idea of selling solo ads for profit. The main attraction is being able to make money without setting up a website and an email list and just turn it off and on like a money making faucet. I bought a video training course to learn how to buy and sell Solo Ads. The course is called Solo Ad Business Blue Print. I am a little disappointed. It does show you how to set up a website and set up an autoresponder and how to get hosting and it even gives a little "funnel" diagram on how the traffic will flow.

It is important to know howto do all of these things but it doesn't really give much in depth on how to actually get business. The whole process starts getting confusing when you start sending traffic here and then they decide, like a choose your own adventure novel from elementary school, if they are gonna go with option 1 or 2 and then what happens to them when they get to there option and these are the prospects you want to email on Tuesday at 8 am and the others go on another list and they get blasted an email at 12 noon and... Pretty soon you can't tell if your supposed to be getting an email or sending one and if your getting on people's email lists or are they signing up for yours?

The course seemed to just skim right past the idea of not needing a list or website or anything to get started in this business. Maybe she meant that you didn't need that stuff in order to buy her course. She is right about that. After doing some more thorough research I found a few blogs that give the same concepts away for free. If you want to learn how to setup a domain and hosting and some link rotators this course is for you. One other disappointment for me was that it was all in video format. I like to be able to read the instructions. I don't like rewatching a video when I need to reference what to do. I know that you can go through each video and pause it, do the work described, watch more and continue that way but I don't know how to download to my computer and my satellite internet provider charges by the gigabyte. It gets expensive in both time and money with a video only course. I should have done more research but it was less than $15. I should've went with the $9 one.

I do want to get to the point where I can outsource all my tasks and be on vacation most of the time. That takes work to achieve too, i guess. What I would like to have recieved is an actual blueprint for just the middleman part of the business. You can sell ads first and then buy cheaper ones. Then send your traffic to the list you bought from. You keep the difference. How do you get into this business without a website and without a customer email list? Who do you contact? Where do you advertise? How do you advertise? What do you do with what you sell (because you need an income before you can spend)? I will do some research and start my Solo Ad Empire! I will sell some clicks first then buy some cheaper ones to reap the spread!

I will document my strategy here and try to keep it as cheap as possible. I set up a website already and an autoresponder. I also got some hosting. $54.95 for 6 months of hosting. Domain was under $11 at Namecheap.com. Autoresponder was free for 30 days at getresponse.com. The course I got cost 3 days of frustration and $14.87. I got what I paid for but not what I wanted. Now I have to invest another $9 to find the information I thought I was getting or just be brave and start selling clicks for others and pocketing the difference.

Where do I start? The course and the free sources suggested some facebook groups and skype. I just don't know how to get started without having any credibility in the industry. I have to have some way to answer questions. I am getting some ideas right now. I could send the questions I get to the person I am planning on buying from and send the answers to the one I am selling to. It seems a little sneaky but then again, it is how business is done in lots of industries. Like the department store or grocery store's generic brands. I am selling a generic product to another person. If I buy from a reputable source I need to find away to keep costs down so there is room to profit. How can I get quality low cost clicks that I can flip for a quick profit from? The one question I fear is what is your proof. What do I say? I guess I just pass it on. Is that an ethical business model to follow? Am I misleading the customer?

I think I just found out something about myself. I am unsure how to handle questions that I don't have the answer to. I just figured out how to clear a hurdle that has been bothering me for quite some time now. I think I am ready to get my feet wet. How do I attract buyers? If I post in a group do all of my friends see what I am doing? I don't want my friends to be bothered with what I am talking about as a business. Although, when I am operating smoothly I can write an actual course and make a profit. Or, I can send them to my website and get commissions off the products they buy that I recommend for their business. I will see what resources are actually needed and see how I can automate the whole process. Maybe I can become an affiliate marketer and outsource all the tasks to virtual assistants and have them do all the tasks I do and make a profit off collaborating the operation.

Automation is my next goal, once I am profitable and sustainable. I want my wife to be home or out traveling with my son and me. I want to spend his childhood doing the things I didn't get to do because we couldn't afford it. We could do this work from almost anywhere now. I just have to get the cashflow up to cover her income. We are living well at that level. If she is home and can do what I think is going to work and we are both making what she is making now and working less time at it then we will be living a fancy life.

First and foremost, I need to make enough to replace her income. Second I need to exceed that income to allow us to quickly prosper.Automation is the goal. What can I automate? Writing ads and posting in facebook groups. I don't know about Skype yet. I am going to have to learn about it and see if I can make it work on autopilot. I have a feeling that I may have to find a few more income streams that I can start and automate. Automation is going to be another part of the guide.

Time to get to work!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Still Looking For Something Steady

I may have finally found the right business for myself. It is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not some lame job that I have no care for. I am talking about worm farming. I have started rearing worms. I am starting slow on this one. I am mainly looking for a population of worms that can supply my garden's nutritional needs. I have a long way to go for that part alone.

I have been vermicomposting for about 3 or 4 years now but I am finally getting serious about it. I have been reading articles about how others are making money with their worms and a few of their ideas seem feasible for me. I am going to use this post as a sort of brainstorming and streaming thoughts about the different ways people use worms to make them money and go through some of the things I can do right now to start generating some income.

The ways worms are used is as a food source for other animals like birds, reptiles or fish, as bait, as a organic waste disposal  system, and as a source of worm castings. I am using them right now as a waste disposal and as a gardening amendment. I have a large source that taking out a dozen or so here and there, to go fishing, is not going to be damaging to my worm herd. I also just ordered 2000 worms that arrived in the mail about 4 or 5 days ago. I don't know how fast they are going to start producing a significant supply of castings but I suspect that a healthy diet consisting of some fresh or not yet fully composted organic material should help grow my population rapidly. The larger population should also help give me more castings.

Since I want to make money with worms I need to decide on a method and focus on building a steady cashflow. Then I can start focusing on other things. First thing That makes sense to me is to grow my population large enough to have castings to keep my garden beds fed. Actually, I could sell worms that I get from a wholesaler, enough to get another couple thousand worms for myself and a few others. The idea is to get enough worms sold to allow me to make a large bulk purchase and sell all the worms except a small portion I keep for myself which would be paid for through the profit margin I get from buying bulk.

Another idea I read about was dropshipping worms. I may be able to do that but it seems like a lot of work to set up a website and promote it against the already established sites. Maybe there is another less expensive/ time consuming way to advertise worms for sale, but I don't have a good idea for that just yet. I guess I could start using free ad sites and see what kind of results I get. I need a plan to get the worms sold before I make a large purchase. There are other plans I have for selling worms to specialty gardening shops. There are more and more folks getting into organic gardening these days and worm kits with worms may sell well at a garden shop. Maybe I'll open a specialty compost shop. The Dirty Worm, gets the job done!

There are tons of possibilities. I will just keep on growing the herd while I continue to work on a good marketing plan that doesn't require me to spend money. That is going to require me to spend what I got, time! Now it's time to go over to The Worm Farm Blog and do some more work there.

One more thing, I actually enjoy the process of growing, or shall I say "farming", my worms. I think about them all day and I talk about them to people who don't even care about them. I check on them over and over all day long too. This is a hobby that I will enjoy profiting from.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Trying To Crack The Code

I was watching the local news yesterday and an author was on there promoting his new book, "Stickability". It seems like I may somewhat have it. I have made a few dollars online. I can't seem to find anything that has the ability to make me a steady income. I have found, in my search for the cheapest, easiest way to make money online and it seems like it is not easy nor is it cheap.

I know that those are general terms, easy and cheap, but what I am trying to say is that you either have to spend a ton of time doing everything yourself or spend a ton paying others to do it for you. Back to the stickability factor and me. My ability to continue searching for that cheap, easy ride has led me to the realization that I am heading down the wrong path. I guess I was expecting to buy a $50 program that was going to magically make me rich. I am a sucker for the hype of the easy button. It is going to have to be me putting to use some of the real substance that I have found to work.

I need to take some time to design a website, do some keyword research, do some product research and then put it all together to generate a steady flow of cash. There are countless articles that try and sell you some product but they usually give out free information ebooks if you join their email list. The books usually end up being a little bit about how to do something that used to make you money or they try to tell you why you need to buy the product or service that they are promoting.

When you finally break down and pay for the ebook that is supposed to be the cure all for any type of problem that you are having you realize that they are just telling you the same info as the sales page and the free ebook and you are being sold a new problem that you didn't know you had. It feels like an endless circle of overpromises and underdeliveries. There are some good sites and products out there but most of them are too expensive for the jobless poor folks that they market to.

There are some things that many of the free ebooks and software programs share and seem to work, and that is link building and quality content. Both of which are not easy for me or cheap to pay someone else to do. I had a program that would help me with the link building and it cost way more than it earned. I did get some good rankings on a few keywords. I was lazy and I didn't work hard enough on getting quality content for my sites or article submissions so my rankings slid fast once Google changed how it ranks everything. All of my work gone. I took some time off, canceled all of my software subscriptions, and stayed away for awhile. Now I am looking into coming back.

I must find some subject that I am interested in and can write plenty about. Then I need to start writing. Next I must build a link network and submit articles. I have the time to do this and I'd like it to make me some cash. I will use blogger and other free social media sites to put up pages about my niche. It is a little discouraging when you look into things that interest you and there are a total of 500 searches for all related keywords, and they all have high competition and big authority websites already ranking up and down the first page in the search.

I will start with something I already own, like baseball cards, or gardening supplies. I should be able to find some products that I know about and can write about that others will buy. Now I need to find some way to structure all of this into a campaign, for free. I will research some keyword ideas with google adwords keyword planner. Back to the drawing board!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can You Really Get Private Money Loans?

Can an ordinary person like me get a loan from a stranger to buy real estate? If I could how would I do it? What should I expect to pay for the money and what do I need to do to convince someone that I am the real deal?

These are some of the questions I have and I have no answers for just yet. I guess I'll just have to go out and find some answers. There are more questions too, like who has the money to lend, what kind of deals are they lending on? Can I borrow money at one rate and lend it out at a higher rate? Do I need a license to do these types of loans? Is it a good idea to start a business to do these transactions?

I have been doing a little research and I have found tons of optimized pages giving out info but I haven't seen any real authority sites or people who have any real info to share. It would be nice to have a real forum where you could discuss and share experiences with getting private money and maybe a portal where people could easily find each other when in need of money or in need of a secure and profitable parking space for cash.

I do have a website that I could use to put some discussion topics like this on. It is a local site though. It could be specific for the Las Vegas area. It will discuss some of these problems I am facing and see if anyone out there that is having success is wiling to share with the rest of us.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SEONuke Seems To Be Working

Well, since my last post I have sold a website. It didn't even cover costs. I sold it for $25. It cost me $19.99 to list it on Flippa and a $5 success fee. I also paid around $10 for the site a year ago. I did make some adsense revenue from it. I should have kept it. It was my best earner. I have learned from this experience.

I have been working with a program called SEONuke lately. It is a powerful tool but I don't exactly understand it. Sometimes my sites go straight to the top of the search engines and sometimes they don't even show up. I recently signed up to a program that shows you how to use SEONuke properly. I haven't learned too much from them yet but they do expect a delay in results.

What I mean is it takes time to produce results. I have been working on their suggestions for about one week now and I have seen my sites move up one slot. I am still on page two so I can't say if it is really working yet. I just re-invested in NicheRevolution and I am going to try and use it along with SEONuke and see if I can start generating a healthy Adsense check every month.

I made less than 50 cents per day this month. I am spending way more than that in overhead right now. I must quickly ramp up my income or I am going to go broke! If I don't see a significant change within the next three months then I am going to be forced to shut down and try again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Plan, Again But Having Positive Results This Time

It has been quite some time since I've updated this blog. I just started working on domain flipping. What I do is buy domains that are cheap, like new ones for around $10 to register. I am building them up by putting a relevant article on the site and then run SENuke on it to get it to the front page of google. The most recent site I made today I haven't even put any ads on it yet. I am experimenting with this domain to see if it gets ranked any faster if it has no advertising on it yet.

I found the domain by doing a search for a keyword in google keyword tool. Then I sorted the results by global search volume with the most serached on top. I then took the top 50 an pasted them in a spreadsheet and copied just the keywords in a list that I could copy onto Namecheap's bulk domain research tool.

I picked a domain name that was an exact match of a phrase that generates more than 27,000 searches per month. It also had an adwords CPC greater than $4. I should be able to rank because I have an exact match of a keyword phrase. We'll see. Once I get it earniong one dollar per day on average for 30 days I will sell it.

I also have other domains that I should probably sell right away for a quick cash injection. But I don't want to part with some of my sites that I've worked on for so long. I guess it will be nice to start fresh again. I can get good at finding a domain, building a sit for it and then selling it. I will list the details as they unfold.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally, A Little Success To Write About

I have been working for quite some time to get ranked for a keyword that would actually get me some traffic. I am not getting much but I am making a few bucks a month from the traffic I have been getting.The point is that I am finally progressing. I have been optimizing my webpages for certain Adsense keywords and getting ranked for them.

I have been using a program called SENuke to get my sites ranked. As I learn the software and as I learn from past mistakes I am making real progress. I have 3 keyword phrases that I am on page 1 in Google for. I just found a product on Clickbank that has some KW's that should be easy to rank for. I haven't begun my SENuke campaign yet but I will be soon. My goal with that is to get a couple of sales in the next 30 days.

At the beginning of this month I set the goal to average 25 cents per day. I accomplished it. Now that I have had some success I have upped this months goal to $5 per day. I may be getting a little cocky but I think it is doable, especially if I can increase my traffic.

That's all for today.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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